Our activities:

Gedimex is a family owned company, situated in West Flanders, Belgium, also known as the epicenter of agro-industry, which has been active in the international food business for nearly 30 years.
At present our products can be found on all continents worldwide.

The company’s aim is to always offer you, whether active in food industry, food service or retail, added value and contribution towards increased benefits via the right product for each individual an precise requirement.

We only have one ultimate target : building a long term cooperation, based on transparency and fair-play, which form the basis for a win/win situation for you, your customers, our manufacturing partners and ourselves.

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Our offer:

A wide range of medium to premium quality frozen and dehydrated products for industries as well as food service and retail, complying with international standards of quality, hygiene and sustainability at the highest value for money ratio. Full commitment towards satisfaction from start to finish.

Our system:

Exporter to customers worldwide. Frozen foods/dehydrated products.

Gedimex operates as the export department on behalf of a limited number of carefully selected and regularly audited production units, situated all over the world, for which it undertakes the entire export activity towards well defined geographical destinations. This unique combination offers you the best of both worlds : direct contact with the production unit without any intermediary stations and top quality service via one unique point of communication for all aspects of the business (we monitor the entire supply chain from market study till supply of the goods at your port of destination or warehouse and after-sales-service).

Why is Gedimex your best option?

High flexibility linked to immediate reaction thanks to short lines of communication.  Frozen foods/dehydrated products.
  • A family owned company stands for high flexibility linked to immediate reaction thanks to short lines of communication; we are the company and the company is us!
  • After nearly 2 complete generations in agro-food business, we offer you in-depth knowledge of market trends, combined with professional expertise in administration, finance and logistics.
  • Production units in other countries or continents offering the best options to your specific requirements are screened and audited carefully prior to being qualified as accredited supplier. In each continent we have our own quality control system. Systematic follow-up is made on each shipment regardless of quantity, value or geographical situation.
  • Trust and reliability is a result of many years of uninterrupted hard work and in-house built experience, regularly empowered by supplementary training.