Dehydrated potato products

Gedimex puts at your disposal nearly 2 generations of working expertise in growing, processing and commercialising potatoes and potato products (both frozen and dehydrated), of conventional and certified organic culture.

Potato flakes, for use in mashed potato, bread baking, meat preparations, batterings, soups, sauces :

  • Regular flakes in various sizes, densities and colours
  • Flakes produced without adding sulphites
  • Flakes produced without E-numbers (clean label)
  • Flakes for baby foods applications
  • Flakes made of potatoes of certified organic culture
  • Flakes milled to fine powder for better absorption

Potato granules processed via add-on technology, for use by preference in extrusion industry (snacks, mashed potato) :

  • regular product
  • custom-made

Potato dices

Potato bits

Potato strips