Frozen foods for Vegans, Vegetarians, Flexitarians

Based on the conviction that the world requires a range of foods which is more plant than animal oriented, we aim at offering customers a sustainable alternative to meat. The range of products focuses on vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians (who systematically do not eat any fish/meat one or more times a week).

Products must contribute to a healthy life style, whilst keeping respect for humans, animals and the entire environment.

Vegan products

The falafel originates in the Middle East but has also become a well-known product in Europe. Products on base of proteins from peas and wheat. A falafel dish consists of balls stuffed with crushed chickpeas or broadbeans as a base. The falafel spice mix makes for a spicy taste and the combination of vegetables makes it a delicious vegan snack.

Similar products such as lentil burger, fresh minced, vegetable burger, tofu block, spicy tofu strips, etc….

Vegetarian products

Products on base of proteins of animals such as eggs (from free-range chickens) and milk. The hamburger is one of the classics in our product range. A tasty product that fits well with the daily hot meal. Also great on a bun topped with vegetables and some sauce. This product is enriched with vitamins and minerals, making it a full-fledged meal component.

Similar products such as mince patty, cordon bleu, vegetable balls, nuggets, bratwurst, bacon, etc….