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In order to be informed about the latest developments in modern ocean logistics Gedimex staff members attended a working seminar at the internation Seaport Terminal of Zeebrugge at the Northsea, with a specific focus on temperature controlled REEFER containers.  The do’s and don’ts were updated and an extensive insight in latest equipment and temperature supervision was acquired. 
Each empty container before leaving the quay is checked on hygienic conditions and photographed systematically when passing through a camera shield in order to avoid discussions about damages.  Upon return on the quay, prior to being lined up for embarkation, the same container and cooling engine are checked again on visible damages. 

Visit port of Zeebrugge

Safety is the word in all container handling operations : human safety, food safety, temperature control, safety at sea …..

In the afternoon the loading of a giant ocean vessel was attended at the port of Antwerp, 2nd largest port in Europe with well over 11.000.000 TEU shipped in 2019. 

Visit port of Antwerp
Visit cargo ship in Antwerp

Being Europe’s deepest inland port (over 80 km away from open sea), the port of Antwerp offers us large benefits in terms of accessibility and speed of delivery. 
Functioning of cooling engines is monitored as soon as the container is taken on board and around the clock. In case of an incident, the tracking system informs the operating officer who sends a technical engineer to the specific container to have a look at the reason of the alert. 

Visit cargo ship Zeebrugge
Visit cargo ship Zeebrugge
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